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"Introducing WinSCP :: WinSCP"

The WinSCP is file transfer utility that allows exchange of file between a locally hosted computer and a remote computer. It is an open source software for programs and runs on Windows OS. It serves file transfer requirements running on SCP, SFTP, FTP and FTPS clients. It is originally created by open source software developer and publisher Martin Prinkryl.

The main feature of the WinSCP is its changing user interface alternating between two modes. The Commander interface is the first one and uses the design of the so called Orthodox File Manager. Under this mode, the local folder is displayed on the left panel and the remote folder is assigned to the right. This mode is recommended for advanced users who can manage activities with keyboard shortcuts minus the mouse.

The Explorer interface adopts the design of the Windows Explorer, with only the remote folder showing. File transfer is enabled by typing the local computer directory's location or dragging and dropping onto the designated field. This is recommended for new users who can use their family with Windows user interface to learn the WinSCP workflow.

Other features of the WinSCP include scripting by batch files, synchronization of directories in full or semi-automatic levels, a text editor, support for functions like keyboard interactive, public key authentication, SSH password and integration with PuTTY network and portable operations.

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