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"Microsoft Word 2016 - Word Processing Software | Office"

Microsoft Word is the word processing application included in the Microsoft Office suite. The application provides the user with a set of tools for creating and editing a document. The application allows the user to determine the layout of the page through customization tools.

Sentence and paragraph spacing, default font style, size and color; and margins can be pre-set by the user, so that every time the application is launched, the pre-set settings will be immediately in effect. There are also pre-determined styles provided with the application; i.e. Normal, No Spacing, Heading 1, Title, Subtitle, or Book Title. Hyperlinking is also enabled, allowing the user to link certain texts to another source or reference, for further reading or additional information.

Furthermore, the program may be set to automatically check spelling and grammar. A Thesaurus is integrated into the application to enable the user to look up certain words while creating or editing a document.

The Insert Option on the menu bar allows the user to insert a cover page, a blank page, page breaks, tables, pictures, clip art, shapes, charts, equation, symbols or the date and time the document was created.

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