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"Deer Drive - action hunting game for PC by SCS Software"

Deer Drive is a 3D computer game categorized as a hunting game. The software was developed by SCS Software, and can be played on Windows and Mac computers. The game basically requires the user to shoot a range of animals to score. There are trophy bucks that may appear which, when shot, reward the player with a high score.

The player stays in position, waiting for the animals to get within a good range, close enough to shoot. The user will also stealthily walk through greens and forests to look for the next target. Players are provided with three weapons. Trophy whitetail bucks, grizzlies, birds and varmints will appear which the player then needs to shoot.

Deer herds are everywhere, and the player needs to shoot these as well to earn points. The game simulates Open Season, complete with weather effects and animals sounds that can be heard from a distance.

For Windows users, the game is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP; while for Mac users, it is compatible with Mac OS X.

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