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"TextPad - the text editor for Windows"

TextPad is plain text editor. It can edit large files with 32-bit virtual memory limitation. It supports long filenames with spaces and UNC [Universal Naming Convention]. It has multilingual user interface available in French, Italian, English, German, Sapnish, Portuguese and Polish, and CUA-compliant keyboard commands. It provides spell checker with dictionaries available in 10 languages.

You can restart where you exactly stopped your work previously by using Warm Start feature. You can transpose words, characters and lines. Copied and cut text can be added to clipboard, and you can replace the contents. You can simultaneously edit multiple files with up to two views for every file. You can copy, cut , paste, block indent and case shift selected text. You can automatically word wrap text at a specified column or at the margin. You can move and copy text between documents using OLE2 drag and drop. It enables unlimited redo/undo. Tabs and spaces are visible. You can use up to 3 keys to sort. The keystroke macro recorder has up to 16 macros active. You can automatically indent and align text relative to previous line for block indentation. It uses a search/replace engine with UNIX-style regular expressions and editor macros.

It provides a built-in file manager. You can bookmark lines, and copy, cut or delete them. You can use print preview before printing. You can use page breaks, headers and footers. It can create hypertext links from file search. It has DDE interface for other tools like MS visual C++. Textpad 6 is operational on 64bit and 32bit versions of Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008. Textpad 5 can run on Windows 2000 SP4, Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8 32bit and 64bit versions and Windows Server 2003. Textpad 4 is applicable on Windows 2000 SP4, 98, 95, Server 2003 and XP 32bit.

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