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The Bytescout Software’s XLS Viewer is a handy tool to view and access Excel spreadsheet files, or XLS. The XLS Viewer, however, not only is able to view Excel spreadsheets, but also OpenOffice ODS files, XLSX (the Excel spreadsheet file format of Excel 2007 and beyond) plus CSV and ODS files, and it can also print these files. This is particularly useful in e-mail correspondence that users need to open a spreadsheet attachment but they don’t want to install Excel just to view such a file.

Among its other features include the export (or saving as) of the opened spreadsheet as an HTML file, which can be opened with any browser. The Bytescout XLS Viewer is part of the Bytescout Spreadsheet Tools Utility, which augments its capabilities to export into other formats such as PDF, HTML, XLS, XLSX, CSV and ODS. The XLS Viewer is also completely free; it is based off the Bytescout XLS software development kit (SDK) which is the foundation of most of the spreadsheet utility tools that Bytescout offers.

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