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The BlackBerry Desktop Software is a free to download desktop application from Research In Motion, creators of the famed smartphone line BlackBerry and its proprietary operating system, the BlackBerry OS. The BlackBerry Desktop Software has a release for Windows and Mac, with very few noticeable differences in between, and supports both the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry tablet line.

The BlackBerry Desktop Software is not only meant to transfer files between your BlackBerry devices and your computer, but mainly to synchronize media and other content (such as contacts, calendar, and tasks, from applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, among others) between these devices, and import media from either device to another.

The Desktop Software facilitates this task by having a sleek and updated interface that guides the user into doing whatever needs to be done as easily and as painlessly as possible. In addition, the BlackBerry Desktop Software enables the user to manage the applications installed on the smartphone or the tablet right on the application itself, without having to navigate on your device; the management tools for applications include the ability to update existing apps, add from the BlackBerry App World, or remove them.

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