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"Video Editing Software by Corel - VideoStudio Pro 2018"

Corel VideoStudio Pro [latest version X5] is a comprehensive video editing software that enables screen recording, advanced effects, creative editing, total disc authoring and interactive Web video. You can share videos with HTML5 video support that lets you add onscreen graphics, titles and hyperlinks for your interactive content. You can share them online to Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo and other sites. You can burn DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with titles and subtitles for you to edit and create. You can watch your videos on PSP, iPhone, iPad and other mobile.

Among the new features include the template library that gives you a selection of various instant projects that you can add content to and turn into a movie, template sharing online through PhotoVideoLife community, multiple layer graphics created from effects of integrating imported layers of images from Corel PaintShop Pro to individual tracks, 21 new tracks for graphics, titles and media for making content-rich videos.

The timeline view lets you add your graphics and media with transitions and effects, reveal or hide tracks, zoom and more. You can produce time-lapse effects, animated movies, chroma key, screen records and cut videos.

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