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The DivX Converter is a utility software by DivX, and part of the DivX family of products whose main offerings are the DivX Plus Player and the DivX line of codecs. As apparent from the name, the DivX Converter is an application that lets you convert video files, and supports a plethora of file formats from and to, but it does not stop there.

Aside from being able to convert videos just like any other video converters in the market (some of which are free), the DivX Converter offers additional tools and capabilities to customize the output file, such as changing audio tracks, bitrate, output size, compression method, adding subtitles, and other advanced video editing features. The DivX Converter also supports the now-open standard MKV (Matroska video) format, so users can now create .mkv videos or convert from these to another format.

It also boasts a number of features that are not usually found in other video converters. One of these is the “combine” feature, that basically joins together separate videos into one; this is useful when you have a number of videos that are chopped together to preserve space. Another is the conversion of entire DVD libraries to DivX-supported formats.

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