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"Photo Editing Software – PaintShop Pro 2018"

Paint Shop Pro is software from Corel Corporation that functions as a photo editing program. The program features basic photo enhancing tools such as image cropping and resizing, Auto Correct/Auto Fix which will automatically adjust the color, contrast, brightness, saturation or exposure of the entire photo; and red eye removal.

Advanced photo editing tools enable the user to change the color of a specific object, remove objects or obstructions and backgrounds, and restore old or damaged photos. The user can also edit how the people look in photos, such as making them appear thinner in the photos. It also includes tools for removing wrinkles and taking out spots or blemishes on faces and bodies.

Users can also add their own graphic designs on the photos through the graphic design tools such as vector editing tools that allow the user to create vector objects; the Arts Media Tools for creating digital art; and Layer Styles that provide Drop Shadow and Glow effects.

The latest version of the software is PaintShop Pro X5. It is compatible with Windows systems in 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

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