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"Nero Media Home 2018 - One solution for all your media"

Nero MediaHome is an integrated and central media control station for the PC, whose main purpose is to stream media (audio, video, and still images) from the computer it is installed on to other computers or devices connected to the same network. A stream in this way means that such media can be viewed by other users in that same network – for example in the same house, or in the same office, connected by a LAN or a similar infrastructure – simultaneously, as if they were streaming content from the Internet.

Like Toshiba’s built-in Media Controller software, Nero’s MediaHome fulfills basically the same function, which is both a media streaming platform for the local network and a limited media player in itself. Such devices that accept streams from MediaHome are not limited to computers, as any unit (like an entertainment console) may also accept such a stream if they support this feature.

MediaHome also supports media library organization, all in a touch of a button, and the instant streaming of your iTunes library. Other cool features of MediaHome include the ability to access online radio stations, podcasts, and the like, plus the capability to convert between media formats with ease.

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