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The Nero Wave Editor is a digital audio editing software and part of Nero’s gigantic Multimedia Suite, which typically contains a lot of software that deals with all sorts of media (audio, video, images, and so on). Wave Editor is a semi-professional software, and while it typically does not have the sheer amount of processing power and super-advanced features of fully professional ones, its features are more than enough for the average home user.

The Wave Editor’s main competitors are Sony’s Sound Forge and Adobe’s Audition applications, both of which are professional-grade and are thus harder to master than the Wave Editor (unless you really are a professional sound editor).

The Wave Editor is built on the premise that these types of software are not required to be complicated and inaccessible, which is why the entire interface is sleek, clean, and very simple, often belying the raw power hidden underneath its minimalist exterior. Nero can handle common audio editing tasks and more, and supports a variety of audio formats and even its own proprietary format, .nwf (Nero Wave Editor File). The Enhancements list of the Wave Editor is huge, with a lot of audio-enhancing capabilities that you just won’t find in beginner-level sound editors, and at par with professional ones.

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