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"VPN and Endpoint Security Clients - Cisco"

The Cisco Systems AnyConnect VPN Client is an application specially designed by Cisco Systems to enable a computer to connect to a virtual private network, or VPN. The way this system works is that with this application you can use the system resources of another network as if you were directly connected via physical hardware to that network itself. The Cisco Systems VPN Client enables such a connection called a VPN tunnel system wherein the connection is unique and exclusive to your computer and the network; the VPN tunnel is encrypted and secure via Cisco’s security algorithms. The Cisco VPN Client is compatible with all Cisco VPN products and services.

The Cisco AnyConnect is normally distributed through the use of an installer and a small profile footprint that enables quick and easy connectivity to a network. This removes the need for manual reconfiguration of the network to connect to a VPN. Additionally, the Cisco VPN Client is not free and is licensed (not purchased) to corporate or university settings, although IT administrators in such environments are allowed to redistribute the licenses and the clients through their network. There are controversies regarding the security of the Cisco VPN Client however, although Cisco has since addressed the issue.

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