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"Flash Media Playback"

The Adobe Media Player is a desktop media player and Internet television software which was first released on April 2007, and has been one of the first few applications to run under the Adobe AIR banner. The Adobe Media Player has since been discontinued, since September 2010, citing redundancy and the bloating of Adobe’s AIR family of products; replacements of the Adobe Media Player have since been announced, and some of its features were integrated into other applications. The Adobe Media Player was officially removed from Adobe.com on December 2010.

The Adobe Media Player was unique and exceptional in its time as it was one of the most definitive Internet television software developed by a well-known software company. With this software, one could view local and online media files (audio and video), or stream content from the Internet or view television shows or movies. This multimedia content are DRM (digital rights management) protected to enforce limits on unauthorized distribution or circulation of the content beyond the scope of the purchase. Additionally, users of the Adobe Media Player are allowed to both view and interact with their content, and content publishers to advertise through their content in the same manner.

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