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"YouCam® 7 - WebCam and Camera App | CyberLink"

Cyberlink’s very own webcam software, YouCam is a full-on multimedia program that not only enables you to use any webcam in the market today, but also adds dozens upon dozens of features that augments its capabilities beyond being just a mere glorified video camera attached to your computer.

Touted as the ultimate webcam software, YouCam has probably the most robust and most solid feature set in any webcam software to date, containing all the tools and features you will need for both fun and professional endeavors. With YouCam, you can add special animated effects to your live video stream, which you can also import from Cyberlink’s very own DirectorZone (an online repository of video effects uploaded by users of Cyberlink’s multimedia suite), avatars that you can customize using your powerful webcam software, and even special 3D objects like confetti and the like.

But it does not stop there. YouCam is not only for fun, but for work as well, with powerful tools such as videoconferencing that enables users to create PowerPoint presentations and stream it through the video feed, and supports most 1280 x 800 HD webcams out in the market today. YouCam also supports dual webcam streams.

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