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The GENETYX Ver.11 Application is a program exclusively available in Japanese that is used for genetic analysis and data sequencing. It is capable of performing the duties of an array editor, allowing users not only to input sequences and edit them but also perform display mapping of analysis results. ORF searches as well as motif searching are possible, as are other search functions such as Exxon site searching and PolyA signal candidate searching. The user can also search the PEST sequence if necessary.

As far as analysis goes, the program is similarly rich in features, being capable of performing composition analysis for sequences, analysis of repeat sites (whether direct or inverted), analysis of the promoter region, and more. It also has predictive abilities, e.g. it can perform coding region prediction (it uses Fickett for this) as well as siRNA target site prediction. It can also perform fast restriction enzyme analysis.

Plasmid mapping is possible for the user of the program, whether annular or linear. Users can run BLAST searches, as may be expected of any program of this type, and database construction is also feasible.

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