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Canon Utilities Movie-PhotoPrint may refer to Canon’s Full HD Movie Print software. This application belongs to the brand’s lineup of PIXMA-powered applications. Other examples of PIXMA-powered applications from the brand include Fun Filter Effects (which come integrated with PIXMA printers’ software), Easy-PhotoPrint Pro, Easy-WebPrint Ex and Easy-PhotoPrint EX.

The Full HD Movie Print application is specifically geared towards those who want high-quality snapshots or prints made out of special moments in their HD videos. In order for a video’s frames to be convertible to prints through the application, the user must have shot it in HD and must have used one of the brand’s PowerShot cameras or its EOS Digital DLR cameras. If these requirements are satisfied, Full HD Movie Print can be used to play back those videos for the purpose of capturing a specific frame to be used as a print.

The program allows users to improve their prints by using resolution enhancement technology, supplemented by image correction features that can reduce image noise. The program also allows users to merge frames. Other features included in the application include the ability to improve image clarity as well as layout.

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