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The Swing Browser from ZUMInternet is a web browser for Korean users that can be found too on Google’s app store as a mobile web browser. The desktop version is designed for Windows computers and has many of the same main features as the app. The app, of course, is optimized for smartphone web browsing.

The browser, like many other browsers, can remember passwords if requested to do so by the user for convenience in account logins to different sites. It can also carry out automated logins if necessary, along with other password protection features. It has a feature for quick browser homepage access, as well as quick access to saved favorites. It can save an unlimited number of bookmarks too. Search history, web browsing history, and many other settings can be managed by the user.

The app supports one and two-finger touch input on smartphones. It also supports a full screen mode along with configurable password locking. It also has the ability to perform video downloading and allows users to carry out QR search code management. The app is compatible with Android versions 2.3 and higher.

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