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"PortraitPro - Easy Photo Editing Software"

The PortraitPro Trial edition is the free, limited-use version of the PortraitPro software, which is a revolutionary portrait editing program with automated airbrushing features. Unlike most programs of its type, PortraitPro is equipped with tried and tested algorithms for minor facial alterations that lead to a perception of enhanced beauty. The user selects just how far to take each alteration—say skin smoothing or blemish covering—with the use of sliders: there is no need to do spot correction, painstaking color matching or drawing, and the like, as the program performs the corrections automatically.

PortraitPro is equipped with tools for more than skin smoothing: it can also change area color, specifically hair color. It can thicken hair and make it look smoother as well. The program is equipped too with algorithms for shine reduction on skin and for face reshaping—the latter is good for subtly slimming a photo subject. Furthermore, users can relight their photos to achieve more flattering profile images. Users who want certain areas of the photo lightened can also manage that: it can whiten the eyes as well as the teeth, for example.

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