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CADSUPER FXII is a 2D drafting program for Japanese users and Windows operating systems. It supports scripting as well as .NET customizations. It can be operated through a mouse and reduces the amount of time as well as effort needed to complete a draft by keeping required mouse gestures for achieving a particular command low. While a 2D drafting application, it can open 3D CAD files as cross-sections. It is compatible with the industry file formats DWG and DXF too.

The program will work with most Windows versions, including Windows 8. The software facilitates most common drawing procedures through intuitive support. For example, an attempt to recognize coordinates in a dense cluster of drawing elements will automatically convert the mouse cursor to a magnification tool so as to allow the user to zoom in and better distinguish individual elements from one another. Mouse gesture programming is also supported for even more streamlined, efficient workflow.

The software needs at least a Pentium IV with 2GHz and at least 1GB of RAM (2GB is the recommended figure). It also requires an OpenGL graphic accelerator board memory of at least 128MB.

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We are only accepting a few select partners during the beta test period.