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"The #1 Solution for Real Estate, Infrastructure and Facilities Management in the World"

Archibus is a program intended to provide the facilities needed to manage resources and projects for professionals in the real estate, facilities and infrastructure industries. One of the defining features of the program is its modularity: while there is in fact an “all-in” version of Archibus that has all the tools in it, it is rarely purchased, as not all users would end up needing all the utilities. Instead, the general preference is to select the modules that the user actually needs, then compile them into the version of the program that is going to be purchased.

There are quite a lot of utilities for Archibus, so it would be easier to focus on its general functions as opposed to outlining each tool’s capability. Archibus being an enterprise modeling tool, it offers users the ability to do space planning and management as well as manage moves by generating predictive scenarios. It also supplies tools for workplace service management, as well as asset management. Real estate and property professionals can use it for portfolio management and capital project management. Engineers can also use it for building operations and environmental and risk management.

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