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"Visual Prolog"

Visual Prolog 7.5 is a generation of the VisualProlog programming language. This language is used to make industrial strength applications that are used for the Microsoft Windows platform, including operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows X. VisualProlog 7.5 is an object oriented programming language. It was based after the Prolog programming language.

Its main features include algebraic data types, an automatic memory management, and fully integrated fact databases. This program was patterned after the logical programming that uses Horn clauses. It is fully object oriented, with object predicate values (delegates). It has a pattern matching and unification feature, as well as an automatic memory management feature. This software supports direct linkage with both C/C++ and direct calling of Win32 API functions. The object system is made for movable pairing between a user and a provider. Objects are accessible through interfaces which are loosely paired to implementations. Any class will be able to implement any type of interface with or without receiving implementation from other classes. To remove access violations, VisualProlog 7.5 has a combination of strong type check, no-need-for-pointer-arithmetic, and an automatic memory management.

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