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"Reason Limited | Reason | Propellerhead"

Reason Limited is the restricted-feature version of the Reason music authoring software. It is typically acquired by users who purchase other music products with whom the developer, Propellerhead, has arranged to bundle the software as a free program.

Though the full version may have more features, the limited version is also quite robust by itself. It contains all the fundamental tools of the Reason program, from its virtual studio or rack to precision mixing utilities. This means that users are not only able to use an automation-ready and interactive virtual music rack, but also have access to such music editing devices as compressors and parametric equalizers. It also already has several effects, drum beats, synthesizer content, and sound presets bundled in.

Reason Limited is also highly compatible with third-party devices and software due to what Propellerhead dubs “Remote” and “Rewire” technologies. The result is that users can use the program with third-party controllers, instruments, keyboards and instrument racks without having to face any difficulties in compatibility.

Reason Limited can be upgraded to the full version of the Reason software if desired; however, it is not necessary for users to do that just to keep using the program.

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