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The Scanner Mouse from Dacuda is revolutionary in its field: in fact, it is the point of origin for all other similar products. Dacuda was the first company to develop and mass produce for retail a portable scanning solution embedded in a special computer mouse. The company’s scanner mouse functions much like the usual full-sized scanners, with the difference of being a far more portable gadget, of course: it makes use of Dacuda’s Slam Scan software, a real-time data extracting and compositing solution that makes it possible for the scanner mouse user to swipe the gadget over the surface of the object being scanned to gradually capture enough data of the whole for the computer to recombine. The recombination is somewhat similar to what happens in panoramic image software, where several shots taken of a single area, but spread over different parts of it are recombined to create a panorama.

The Scanner Mouse software from Dacuda has OCR technology as well, which means that scanned text can be converted into digital text files. It can also preserve scanned data tables, so spreadsheets can be converted from hardcopies to soft ones with the product.

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