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Hancom Nexcel is one of the programs making up Haansoft’s Office suite, a direct competitor for Microsoft Office in the Korean market. The suite itself, Hancom Office, includes a presentation authoring program (Hancom Slide), a word processing application (Hangul), and a spreadsheet program (this would be Hancom Nexcel). Hancom Nexcel is therefore the Haansoft counterpart of Microsoft’s Excel software.

Like all the other programs in Haansoft Office, the program provides full compatibility with Microsoft Office formats, which means spreadsheets created in Microsoft Excel can be opened and edited using Nexcel. Most of the functions and features of Nexcel are by and large similar to its competitor’s. It can be used to create, edit and manage databases, for instance. It can create files that are accessible from document viewers such as Adobe Reader. It also has drag-and-drop action compatibility.

Something that must be noted is that spreadsheets created and saved in the program’s native format, however, cannot be opened with Microsoft Excel. They can be set in either Korean or English and there are a few other spreadsheet editing/creating programs that can open them (the Open Office equivalent of the program is an example).

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