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"CDM+ Church Management Software | CDM+"

CDM+ is an ideal system for full information management for churches, other faith-based ministries and non-profit organizations. CDM+ is database software that lets the user easily and efficiently input data and retrieve that information out in the form of customizable reports. Programs being offered from CDM+ include: Membership & Attendance (including visitors), Contributions (including Pledging and Memorial Giving), Fund Accounting (including Payroll and Accounts Receivable), Roommate™ Facilities Manager, Event Registration, Check-In/Check-Out and Web Ministry Tools.

CDM+ is a data manager and an enterprise-level church information system that is also configurable to users’ condition. It has simple interfaces that allow users to modify and control data with its menu structure. CDM+ manages to share information by getting it out from the database program and producing a report. CDM+ will run on mixed Windows/Macintosh networks with no additional third-party software required. A file sharing connection to the server or between workstations is not required.

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