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Vim is a text editor based on the UNIX vi editor. It can be used for practically all text editing functions (which includes memo-creation and TeX operations), although its reputation is largely based on its popular usage as an integrated development environment for Unix and Linux programmers. It does have ports for other operating systems, including Mac OS X and Windows. There are also versions of it for portable operating systems such as Android. That said, its beginnings were solidly in the Unix camp.

Vim has been dubbed a “programmer’s tool”, which may refer to its strong reliance on text and code for actual control: even its interface is more command-line than graphical. There is in fact a learning document made available by the developer for users who have never tried out applications of this type—as well as a Help option built into the program—but Vim is not generally described as an intuitive, beginner-friendly program even so. In fact, the developer himself has described the editor as a tool that requires that the user invest serious time in learning how it works.

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