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"Songtrix Silver : Overview : Music Software"

Songtrix Silver comes from ChordWizard Software and is a learning program for those involved in musical education. There are over 100 topics bundled into the software, which covers the essentials all the way to musical improvisation. The tutorial sections—dubbed the How Music Works lessons of the software—also come with illustrations and diagrams designed to make uptake of the concepts easier, as well as (of course) audio demonstrations. There are about 750 sounds packaged into the course for this purpose, and they work in concert with the program’s interactive tools, which are designed to encourage learners to perform musical and sound exploration.

Interactive learning is at the core of the Songtrix Silver concept, as a matter of fact. Users can even create entire songs using the software’s utilities, which supply tools for event-based track creation. It has an automated musical notation tool for would-be composers as well as multiple options for printing musical compositions. Furthermore, users of the software get access to the ChordWizard Network, where other musicians and musical learners can participate in open discourse about their work and musical theories or styles.

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