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"Cognitone Music Prototyping"

Cognitone introduces the newest generation of intelligent assistants for creative musicians and songwriters. It is commonplace among music publishers – If a song sounds convincing with guitars and vocals, it is a good song. Beyond that is just technique. When it comes to electronic music, there is no difference – If the groundwork is boring, a polished mix will not really help it. Harmony and rhythm need substance. Users can leverage the complex knowledge base of Harmony Navigator to search for a sound harmonic foundation for their songs. Palette surfing always gives rise to new ideas and new insights. This way, users can easily and intuitively search for new approaches to a song. Even experienced professionals can benefit from this.

Harmony Navigator can be used similarly to a virtual guitar or keyboard until ideas start to arrive. Users can rehearse the chords on their instrument later on. This way, they will be able to escape from boring habits and repetition and acquire a new freshness and freedom. If the users already has a melody, then they can use the harmonizer included with the Advanced Edition to search for chord changes that suit their melodies.

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