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EFILive’s premiere hardware device is an important tool found inside a Tuners tool box. This software, also known as FlashScan V2, is a main component inside the EFILive solution. It integrates the EFILive Scan Tool, and the EFILive Tuning Tool with a chosen vehicle’s data management systems, including Transmission Controllers, Engine Controllers, and Powertrain Controllers. By using these three EFILive components at the same time, users can have full control of any available vehicle parameter that gives the ability to make custom tunes for their preferred supported vehicle. FlashScan V2 with GM Tuning is a scan tool, a calibration programmer, and a data logger for specific GM engine and transmission controls. It can either be in pass through mode (FlashScan V2 to PC or laptop to vehicle connection), or in standalone mode (FlashScan V2 to vehicle connection). FlashScan V2 also supports a broad range of late model GM controllers, using OBDII VPW J1850 and OBDII CAN communication protocols.

FlashScan V3 with GM Tuning ships with two VIN licenses. FlashScan V2 can tune two supported engine controllers, as well as two supported transmission controllers. These controllers can come from separate vehicles. Also included is a 97/98 LS1 Stream.

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