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"PCB Design Tools - EDA Software - ECAD Data Management - Altium"

In order to understand what the Altium Designer - Viewer Edition software does, it is necessary to describe the software from which it was derived first. The regular edition of the Altium Designer is in fact a product development application with provisions for collaboration, product development documentation, modeling and model implementation, electronic design, and more—essentially everything needed to generate a complete product. The Viewer Edition was created as a supportive tool for the regular software: more specifically, it was created as a collaborative utility for use in scenarios where organization members or other interested parties may need to be granted access to ongoing product development in Altium Designer but not given permission to make edits to files. As such, the program functions exclusively as a viewer for Altium Designer projects, hence the name.

This does not mean that interaction with project files using the Viewer program is limited to “plain viewing”, of course. The Altium Designer Viewer Edition has functions for checking, review and in-depth investigation of files opened with it. Hence, users can actually make critical notes on projects based on their findings when using the software, even if they cannot implement changes recommended in those notes themselves.

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