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"GeoTools The Open Source Java GIS Toolkit — GeoTools"

The GeoTool Application is an open source (LGPL) Java code library which provides standards compliant methods for the manipulation of geospatial data. The GeoTools library implements Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications as they are developed. The program is written in Java and is widely used by a number of projects including Web Feature Servers, Web Map Servers, and desktop applications such as GeoServer, uDig, Geopublisher, 52N, Geomajas and many proprietary projects.

GeoTool Application features interfaces for spatial concepts and data structures, JTS Topology Suite Geometry and attribute, Spatial and Temporal filters matching the OGC Filter specification. It also features a decoding technology (with bindings for manyGML, Filter, KML, SLD, and SE and other OGC standards. In addition, the GeoTools library forms a stack for the core modules; with additional plugins available to support additional formats, extensions and integration options.

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