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"Media Drive Corporation - e.Typist Mobile for Android"

The e.Typist program is OCR or optical character recognition software. OCR is an example of computer recognition in application: the technology permits a computer to recognize letters of an alphabet for what they are, for instance. OCR software is typically used to give users a quicker way of converting printed text media into digital text than manually keying in the contents of the printed article into a digital document.

The e.Typist program makes use of developer Media Drive’s trademark OCR engine, one they have long supplied in desktop OCR software—e.Typist supports smartphones, though, so it can be used as a portable-device OCR solution. It is also capable of leveraging third-party services for cloud storage of converted documents, which can be useful when users want to cut down space consumption on their devices: Dropbox and Evernote are both supported by this feature. The number of input file formats is fairly large as well, and covers both images and PDFs. Camera-captured image input files can be optimized for the conversion process through tools provided within the program.

The program is actually provided in Japanese, but it is capable of recognizing both that language and English.

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