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"Develop and deploy desktop, client-server and Web applications - 4D"

The 4D Engine may refer to the 4D IDE, a program that can be used by programmers to work on various kinds of projects. 4D is known among developers for many of its benefits, including that of its support of broad-based and flexible program architecture development: this means users can spend less time on working out coding and can roll out their applications faster, saving both time and money. It is also easily scalable, so that users can generate multi-user versions of their work in a jiffy.

Another major advantage 4D offers developers is its wide interoperability and native support for both Mac and Windows computing systems. The software can generate programs compatible with nearly all relevant standards for data transfer, Web data, data formats, and database interfaces: whether it is DOC, HTTP, HTML, Ajax, OCI, MySQL, XML, BLOBS, or even some other format, the developer’s application should be capable of working as intended.

4D is also multilingual, supporting a large set of PHP libraries, and is even able to run in languages other than English (this refers to the program’s actual interface, which can be run in Spanish, Japanese, French, German and Portuguese).

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