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"Skatt Proffs (B10100) | Wolters Kluwer"

Norstedts Skatt Proffs is Swedish for “Collins Tax Professionals”. The program is a product from Norstedt Juridik that lets users prepare and submit tax forms through digital media. Obviously, it is available only for Swedish users. Besides the language barrier, all the forms and tax laws applied in the program are ones in force only in Sweden.

All the key tax documents are already preloaded into the program, so users will only need to pick out the tax form they want and then set about completing the blank data fields, then save the filled-out form as a document they can either print out or submit to the tax authorities through the Internet. The program is capable of managing the latter, as it links to the official tax file transfer service in Sweden. A third option would be for the user to save the form on some type of portable storage medium, e.g. a disc or USB drive.

The software is able to import data too from Norstedts Bokslut, so users of that financial management program will find it even simpler to prepare tax forms with Skatt Proffs.

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