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The UFED Report Manager software generates detailed reports of the extracted data that can be used as evidence. Reports contain complete extraction details and MD5 hash information which proves that the data is original and intact. The UFED system computes an MD5 hash of each file when extracting pictures, video and audio files. The MD5 hash provides a tamper-proof signature of the source file and any alterations to the file will cause the MD5 hash to change. In this way, the MD5 hash can attest to the genuineness of each file.

CelleBrite is the distributor of the UFED Report Manager which supplies an intuitive reporting interface. It also allows the user to export data/reports into CSV, Excel, MS Outlook, and Outlook Express or to simply have the report printed. Unicode is supported by the UFED device and thus can process phone analysis with any language enabled. Users can import the data from the USB drive by clicking on File -> Open Extraction when they run the UFED Report Manager. They can then add Optional Information including case, examiner and other information relevant to the investigation.

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