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"Notensatz, Musiklehre, Gehörbildung und mehr - capella-software AG"

Capella notation program will guide users towards their first own musical score sheet. There is no need to be fully computer literate - Users just follow their musical imagination and capella does the rest. Capella reader presents playbacks and prints capella files. Software programs developed by Capella are compatible with Capella Reader. It is designed to display any music score. It shows users’ favorite Capella music scores using a selection of display modes, and allows them to search for notes or melodies within the sheet. It also assists them to move promptly to an exact system or bar.

Capella has configurable MIDI capabilities which can play back any score for its users. This viewer will open their entire CAP and CAPX files, letting them work simultaneously with as numerous scores as they want. To help users arrange their open files, the program offers both a cascade and a tile mode. Any score can be scrutinized either as a single continuous sheet, or by using their original page layout. The screen can be divided into four different areas, allowing users to view up to four different parts of the same file all at the same time.

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