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"Rose Point Navigation Systems -- Marine Navigation Software and Hardware"

Coastal Explorer is a full-featured navigation software package that is produced specifically for the pleasure boater. It contains support for more charts and chart formats. It has an integrated gazetteer and guidebooks. Other features include a virtual instrument display, and obstacle alerts. Coastal Explorer will assist users in making their next cruise safer and more enjoyable. The gazetteer includes places in the US, Canada, and Mexico. More countries are also available. Users will be able to find any of these places on the chart by just entering a name inside the search box on the toolbar. The Guide Book information is integrated tightly inside the Coastal Explorer charts.

Included in this software are some sailing directions from the US Coast Pilot and NGA Enroute for Canada and Mexico. There are also guide book add-ons, including the Atlantic Cruising Club’s Guides to Marinas, and ActiveCaptain. Also found inside the book are some photos all over the world through Panoramio. Coastal Explorer makes it easy to plan a new cruising adventure with features such as multi-level undo, a route manipulation tool and a route obstacle direction.

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