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TVP Animation Professional Edition is a type of pixel-based drawing software, made especially for game designers, freelancers, animation and cinema studios, production companies, as well as for TV and special effects studios. This program gives emphasis on both special effects and animation. The Professional Edition of the TVPaint Animation is quite versatile, that it can incorporate the entire essential and the usual features used in the background of animation. The features that guarantee to make the inbetweens easier are light tables, animatic/storyboard features, advanced animation tools, unlimited drawing tools, out-of-pegs feature, and lip synch or dubbing space. This program has copious amounts of special effects, both simple and complex ones.

TVPaint Animation’s interface can be modified to fit the user’s workflow. It has the ability to assign nearly every function to a hotkey, produce macros and scripts, and save brush presets. A lot of this software’s tailored options are saved beneath individual profiles to fit the needs of most users in one workstation, or spread easily to ensure a steady setup between team members. TVPain Animation Professional Edition has many tools that allow users to imitate pipelines of two-dimensional animation productions.

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