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CypherGuard for PDF is a software application developed by CypherTec that enables a high degree of copyright protection which made full use of the Capture prevention. It is widely used in Japan as well as in the Us and in the UK for securing information and digital content in PDF files. It is mainly useful in the distribution of digital content, intellectual property information, distribution report of paper distribution, planning and proposal of products and technical manuals, materials education, and report of the distribution and roster of teaching materials.

CypherGuard for PDF protects a PDF file by providing an activation function that identifies the user. In this way, only certain people are allowed to view the file. Thus, digital content are distributed to members of privilege delivery and financial information to the target sales or business people. It can also limit the viewing time for a PdF file. In addition, it prevents a screen capture which bars the secondary use or unexpected information disclosure. It also protects multimedia files which are embedded in a Pdf file. These multimedia file formats include. wmv, .avi, .mpeg/. mp2/. mp3 Quicktime and flash. 

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