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"Luidia Inc.: eBeam Education Suite"

The eBeam Education Suite is a lesson presentation tool for teachers that replaces many of the traditional tools and analog media used in classrooms with a virtual solution. For instance, instead of holding forth on a lesson using display and annotation tools such as whiteboards and blackboards, teachers get a virtual whiteboard where they can directly write or display their lessons. Myriad utilities are also included to make the teaching experience richer, from desktop annotation to spotlighting.

Users can import content into the program to supplement their lessons, whether it is a text, presentation, or image file that they are uploading. They can take snapshots of just about anything to use as a visual display in class. The program allows users to print their material, and also has utilities for lesson A/V recording, which can be useful if the user wants to distribute a copy of his or her lesson after classes. There are collaborative tools such as the Meeting feature, which lets users send data to absent students even as they deliver their lessons. The program can export lessons in myriad formats, from HTML to BMP.

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