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The 3DVIA Composer software is meant especially for those working in product design and who need a quick way to convert their designs into product deliverables. Users can import 3D CAD designs straight into the software—it is compatible with nearly all major file formats—and perform tweaks or repurposing on the program. The beauty of 3DVIA Composer is that it does not assume that all users shall be technically-experienced in CAD or 3D composition: thus, barely any training is required of users to begin working with it. Users can easily make alterations to their 3D CAD files on the program, generate 2D line art with its inbuilt illustration utilities, and put out the results in highly accessible file formats. 3DVIA Composer is capable of creating files in formats such as PDF, AVI, HTML, CGM and SVG, for example.

3DVIA Composer also supports animated files (hence the AVI entry in the above list). The last two file formats in the aforementioned list also indicate its ability to generate high-res files. Coding knowledge is unnecessary for working with the program, which also has the ability to create product design documentation.

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