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Camel Audio’s Alchemy is an audio sample synthesizer, manager, and browser. It actually comes with a 5.5GB pack of ready audio samples, although of course users can import more WAV and SFZ audio samples onto the program if desired. All of the preloaded samples have been tagged based on at least 7 properties—ranging from the category to the timbre—which, when taken with the program’s audio browser, makes sample searching easier. There are multiple performance controls for morphing sounds based on parameter manipulation and the program has a total of 4 sources for resynthesis of sounds.

Alchemy has an additive resynthesizer, a granular resynthesizer, a spectral resynthesizer, and a virtual analog resynthesizer. All of these can be used for high-quality sound morphing, reducing the need to download further samples that would only take up precious disk storage space. The program is also a professional sampling tool, with round-robin note repetition, keyswitching and easy WAV mapping utilities. It has an advanced and flexible modulation system, at least 31 analog filters, high quality effects, a flexible groove arpeggiator, and a touch remote feature for iPod and iPad users.

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