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"Ricoh Global"

The Catalog Explorer from the RICOH Company is an application that gives users the ability to explore various details about the service parts that have been employed in building a specific model. Using the Catalog Explorer application, a user can discover the names of each of the service parts and also learn their part numbers. The user is also presented with a 3D representation of the model that he is viewing, which allows him to better explore its sections and discover or identify parts and their locations.

A user can run both general and specific searches on a model and its parts. Specific searches can be done using various criteria to narrow down the program’s search, such as by narrowing down the search to only a particular section of the model being viewed or by specifying a particular part’s name or number, the type of part that is being sought, or even the particular mainframe area in which the part is located by indicating it with the mouse and cursor. It has a user-friendly graphical user interface with a convenient column on the left showing the model’s parts.

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