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"Music, photo and video software created by MAGIX"

The MAGIX Digital Photo Maker download gives consumers the executable file for one of MAGIX’s photo management solutions. The Photo Maker software lets users sort through their image files using whatever metadata is important to them, and also affords photo thumbnail previewing. Users can build an image database of the program itself, which is capable of importing a huge variety of image file types, including RAW files coming directly from the camera. Other management features incorporated into the software are backup capabilities and individual media file rating.

The program does more than help users organize their photos, though. For one thing, it is also capable of handling video files and databases. For another, it also has presentation functions. Using the program, a user can take multiple media files, use them as building blocks in a presentation, then export the finished file or share it with others. Slideshows can be composed by the software, for instance, as can photo albums. Users can even put together their photos to create prints and flyers. The compositions may be exported through printing, saving on storage media, or even through online publication.

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