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"Custom Modeling | Aspen Custom Modeler"

The Aspen Modeler application is also known as the Aspen Custom Modeler. It makes use of its own task language, which is geared towards easy usage and quick learning, in order to give users the power to construct models for process equipment. The models can be exported to other programs, specifically spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. Multiple options also exist, allowing the user to build both dynamic and steady-state models, which is a key part of the program’s touted flexibility. The output itself is highly customizable, with the user being able to tweak and “glam up” data representations to suit his tastes or needs: plots can be customized, for example, as can graphs. And if the user wants to create a flowsheet instead a la Aspen Plus, that is doable as well. In fact, the program is capable of working with most other Aspen products, from Aspen Plus (into which it can export models) to Aspen Properties (from which it can import data). This may help users retain a sense of uniformity throughout the varied aspects of their project. The developer has also made training tools available for users of the program online.

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