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The EarMaster software is a program used for ear training, primarily for musical purposes. That is, it can be used to help users better recognize notes and replicate them, whether through singing or playing an instrument. EarMaster Essential is the core program, without the advanced features but with all the key functions: the other two options are EarMaster Teacher and EarMaster Pro.

EarMaster Essential is marketed to hobbyists, musical learners on a budget, and basically those new to musical training. It has only 4 included activities but is packed with 139 ear training lessons, and also has a limited number of custom exercises in its bundle. It can be used by more than one person provided the two persons using it are sharing the computer where the program was installed.

The activities users can access on EarMaster Essential are those for Interval Comparison, Interval Identification, Chord Identification, and Rhythmic Sight-Reading. The courses supplied cover both general and jazz music courses. It also provides users’ personal statistics, some detailed stats, and options for printing out ear training results. Both Windows and Mac OS X users can install the software.

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