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BIOVIA Foundation, which was formerly called the Accelrys Enterprise Platform, is the creator of Discovery Studio. This software is meant for stimulating small molecules and macromolecule systems. The program was made by Accelerys, a company which specializes in making scientific software products. Acceleys’ products usually cover cheminformatics, molecular simulations, computational chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, and computational biology. Discovery Studio has the ability to investigate and test some hypotheses in silico, before costly experimental implementation. This action will minimize the time and expense involved in transporting products to the market. Users can take some scientific exploration from target identification to lead optimization with some trusted life science simulation and modeling tools.

Users can leverage an open and scalable platform, so they can automate processes, and deploy or create custom workflows. They can integrate third-party or in-house tools, data types, and databases. Users may also enhance some personal productivity and boost team collaborations, by sharing some data to reach the right decisions. Processor and RAM requirements for the DiscoveryStudio Client are an Intel-compatible 2 GHz with x86 or x86_64 architecture, and 2GB of memory.

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