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"XProtect Smart Client"

The Milestone XProtect Smart Client software from Milestone is a client program for those using video surveillance systems. It serves as a management environment for those running these sorts of installations, providing users with a variety of tools for surveillance system administration. The Smart Client software may actually be paired with the Milestone Mobile software if the user also wants a way to access surveillance data from portable devices and not just his desktop. Like Smart Client, the mobile version is free to use.

Smart Client provides users with overlay map visuals for quick system overviews. The maps are interactive, promoting user efficiency, and even in camera view, users can manipulate and manage cameras directly. Virtual joystick control is supported, and multi-screen function is as well. It supports intelligent searching, integrated video timelines, and video scene storyboarding. Users can also bookmarks videos or scenes they think to be of interest.

As with many other programs of this type, Smart Client has a tool for alarm management. It also lets users work with each feed separately, e.g. they can view recorded video from one camera while viewing the real-time feeds from others.

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