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"Efficient Reminder Free Edition"

Efficient Reminder Free is the no-cost, trimmed-down version of the original time management and reminder-setting product. Like the paid version, it allows users to create event reminders for themselves that will show up on their computers once the specified data and time for the event comes around. It also permits users to rank events in terms of importance, as well as backup and restore events already entered into the program’s memory. Furthermore, it has a recycle bin feature that allows the program to temporarily retain data on “deleted” events, in case the user needs to restore them later on.

Even though it is free, the software places zero restrictions on the number of events or reminders that can be created. It also includes the integrated search and interface style selection options found in the premium version. It also shares the ability to encrypt data with the paid option. What it does lack are premium trimmings such as an internal document editor, event label customization and a read-only viewing option.

Like the premium version, the free program is available in both an installing and non-installing (for USB drives) edition.

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