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"EarMaster for Educational Use"

EarMaster School is ear training software, a program designed specifically for application in musical learning environments. It is equipped with tools that music instructors can use in formulating exercises for their students, including an enormous selection of scores (copyright-free) as well as support for importing Music XML. The program has a musical notation editor as well as an editor to facilitate the exercise creation by teachers. Furthermore, it has student progress monitoring tools that provide individual data on each pupil, allowing teachers better control over class progress along with better awareness of which students need the most help and where.

There are two versions of EarMaster School (or the versions of EarMaster that are for school use): the EarMaster Lab Packs and the EarMaster Cloud. The former is exclusively for school use, since it is intended to be installed on the computers in a learning institution’s lab, while the latter can be used anywhere, being cloud-based. The other versions of EarMaster are individual-use (non-school) editions. The program can be acquired in a number of languages aside from English, including Russian, French, Simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Spanish.

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